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2009 Canada Fishing Season

The 2009 Canada fishing season was a great year at all of our fishing lodges.  Minor Bay Lodge and Slippery Winds Lodges continued great fishing results and many anglers experienced quality trips at our other Luxury Fishing Lodges in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Regardless of which luxury fishing lodge they visited in 2009, our guests reported catching both more fish and more trophy quality fish than they have in the past.  With our program of catch-and-release fishing at Ontario and Saskatchewan fishing lodges(other than small fish for shore lunches) all our guests can look forward to continuing to enjoy great quality fishing, not to mention great hospitality, at whichever of the Gage lodges you visit.
Winter’s icy grip is finally loosening its hold at our Luxury Canadian fishing lodges as the temperatures are edging above freezing in northern Ontario and Saskatchewan.  Temperatures are predicted to be above normal for the next few weeks.  If this trend of above-normal, or even normal, springtime temperatures prevails, we should see a normal ice-out at our fishing lodges.
At Minor Bay guests averaged just under 7 trophy pike per person during 2009. We had 4 pike reported at 50-inches-plus with three of these measured and confirmed by the guide.
The fourth pike was caught at an outpost and cannot be verified.  Two of these monster pike were caught in July and two in August.  We are looking forward to a fun and productive Season of trophy Canada fishing in 2010!